"I give Melanie five stars for the work she did with me and the toolset she brings to her work. If you want to clear an issue or a pattern of unhelpful choices or behaviors, she can help you step back far enough to see it from a safe distance and from there see how to release it. Right then! I walked out of her office a lighter woman and four weeks later I'm still in that sweet spot. If there's anything you'd like to shed from your life, this is a great place to do it." --Emily D. in CA state

"If you are seeking a guide to help you achieve the best version of yourself, consider the search over. Sessions with Melanie felt like sitting down for coffee with a close friend while she guided me towards my core values, giving me clarity and purpose in my life decisions. Afterwards, I felt like she handed me a mirror that revealed a perspective on my life and decisions that made moving forward easeful. Unlike therapy or other coaches, there was no judgement or advice. What Melanie does is a subtle art of guided self-discovery. She describes it best as 'unfolding of your essence." --Laura N. of WA state

"I am so grateful for Melanie and her support, guidance and encouragement over the last two years. I've been going through a very difficult time with a couple of my closest relationships, leading to some serious depression, anxiety and dark thinking. Melanie has helped bring clarity by helping me find my core values, set boundaries, and see situations through different perspectives. She has given me practical tools to climb out of spiraling thoughts, communicate (and listen) better and also help me remember my own worth. She is patient and kind, but also action-oriented. I have felt safe and heard and empowered to move forward with hope. I cannot recommend Melanie and her coaching style strongly enough!" --Amy L. in WA state

"Thanks so much Melanie! I'm so grateful-- grateful to get my life back!! Thank you for helping me get to this place!"  G.G. in CA

"This was a post of mine on Facebook: In the past 48 hours I have changed out a hot water heater and put 400 sq ft of insulation (in a tiny crawl space) into one of my rentals. My knees are killing me and I'm sick of spiderwebs!!!! BIG thanks to Melanie Sargent for the hypnotherapy work around my huge fear of spiders because I kicked ass!!! I had ZERO problems and got the work done!!! I LOVE YOU LADY!

... I have been in property management for 25 years. One of the worst parts about going into a house that's been vacant for a while are the spiders. I saw Melanie for hypnotherapy so I can finally move past this irrational fear. Since I had her help me, I have been able to do my job without issues. Shorts, open toed shoes... doesn't matter! I honestly cannot thank her enough for helping me. It has truly changed my life." --Shanna C. in WA state

"My session with Melanie this week really helped to calm my anxiety. We went through a breathing technique during hypnosis that I plan on using not only on myself, but on my patients as well (as an RN). Melanie excels in calming the storm while also looking for ways to help me cope with my nerves. 10/10 recommend!-- Megan B. in NM state

"Melanie is such a generous and giving human! I reached out at a time of needing support. I was looking for non-traditional therapy of a sort and I got just that! She listened and guided with so much love and compassion. I learned many valuable lessons while seeing Melanie and I am eternally grateful for all of it. If you need some life guidance or a large need of help, she is the go-to gal..."

--Susan F. in CA state

"I just wanted to reach out and let you know how grateful I am for you and for playing such a significant role in my healing journey. I'm doing really good right now. You helped pave the way for me to experiment with different modalities of healing and alternative mental health care. It was really helpful! All the gratitude for you!" J.I. in CA

Your guide.

I'm so happy right now--you're insanely gifted at what you do in this world and it's an amazing thing to be a part of."  M.E. in CA

"I began working with Melanie to overcome a habit that I had been struggling with for 20 years. Through our work together I have successfully kicked the habit with such grace and ease that I myself am in shock at how simple it was. It was through Melanie's hypnotherapy work that I really found the foundation to change this about myself. I was most impressed with Melanie's simultaneous respect for and dedication to my process as I made the shift." --Bonnie B of CA state

"Melanie is a great relationship coach! I was feeling a lot of fear and ambivalence about moving forward with an important business and personal relationship. Melanie did NOT give me advice... but instead, she validated my feelings and helped guide me me to find my own truth. She is a great listener, she is kind, non-judgmental, empathetic, and warm. She created a safe space for me to open up and share my feelings. I recommend her highly!" --Juliette G. in CA state