Of course you thought it would last forever. And, it could have if this, that or the other thing hadn't happened. Love is complicated. WE are complicated. And, we don't live in a world anymore where we have to stay in unhealthy, unsupported, unsatisfying unions anymore. We live in a time where we can honor the time we had with our partner and part company when the relationship has run it's course, however long it lasted... or didn't. With all of the contentious divorces that take eons to get through, and the terrible fallout that any children or other family members suffer through with you, don't you owe to yourselves to find a peaceful path to dissolution--without all the drama and blaming?

Coming to the End...

It's easy to believe that your love is going to last forever when the oxytocin is flowing steadily through your veins. Oxytocin does wear off after a while though, so what do you have then?

If you've chosen to do your premarital coaching with me, you will have a solid foundation built on compatibility, excellent communication, healthy autonomy. Interdependence without the Co-dependence! You will have built a solid foundation beneath your love for one another, and learned how each of your personality types will contribute to effectively tackling any issue that comes up in a marriage, as a team.

In the Beginning....

All Love is Welcome.

All Love is Healthy.

All Love Makes the World a Better Place.

Your guide.

Special  Pre-Marital  Coaching Packages:

Six to 10 sessions tailored to addressing the core values of who you each are as individuals, so that you can come together as healthy, interdependent teammates in the game called marriage, for lasting results. We will address any or all specific concerns, as well as, do various exercises to clarify beliefs, values, interests and ethics. The more that you understand yourself and your partner, the more that you are able to communicate effectively and ask/receive in mutually empowering ways.

This package can include formal or casual officiating of your marital ceremony, if desired. 

Officiant prices are dependent on location, vows and whether rehearsal is included. Please inquire for more information.