Melanie Sargent, cCHT, CMT, MNLP


You are not lost.

Although, you may still be waiting to be discovered?

Your guide.

What are we doing here, anyway?

Neurons, cells, spirit, unconscious mind, intuition, tendons, muscles and bones. We are a magical concoction of working parts, that which we can see, and those which we cannot.

We move through life absorbing all of the information, consciously and otherwise, that is thrown at us. We make decisions and choices, consciously and otherwise, based on all of the raw data that we have absorbed and the filters we have created.

Why is life so hard sometimes?

Are we moving away from pain, or towards pleasure? What are our motivators? Why do we choose what we choose? Why are some people happy and optimistic, even after bearing great tragedies, while others wither into decaying depression?

There is hope!

We are unique. We have a great history of stories that shape and mold us. 


What if I told you that we can tap into your personal history and change your present moment, and future moments, with lasting results and impactful  significance? If you are willing to do the work and truly be open to the process, then please trust me, it works, and we can change your life for the better!