Truly You Project
Get real, get happy, get living!

​The Truly You Project was created to help people get more aligned with their true values and center of being. 

After working with so many people, in so much pain, physically and/or emotionally, I started to see patterns forming. These patterns were creating dysfunction in their lives, holding them back from promotions, relationships, success, etc--and simply, most importantly, from being happy.

The patterns created a source of anxiety and stress, which would manifest itself in a variety of ways; panic attacks, depression, weight gain, physical pain, addictions, anger... and it all can be helped or alleviated by shifting perspective, learning and exploring healthier (for you) behaviors and allowing you to be, Truly You!

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Your guide.

​​The Truly You Project is a life-changing experience!

Full day Breakthrough Session, which is a one on one, all day experiential opportunity that focuses on one or two issues that are holding you back from accomplishing your goals and/or is stifling your ability to be your authentic, awesome self!

Weekly sessions that get very specific to your needs. Fun and inspiring, deep and introspective. This is an ongoing support for full, mature growth in emotional intelligence and how you manage your life--always for the very best results!

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Truly You Project for Teens

Hormones, parents, peers. So much pressure to fit in, to measure up, to be "perfect".

What if you could learn how to just be YOU perfectly, and still find your way with others and feel good?

You can.

You can take these teen and young adult years to create the empowered, amazing, unique person that you are--and that your parents will love!

And, you can live it now.

You don't have to wait to "grow up" to be the person that you were meant to be. I give you full permission to explore all the curiosities and interests you have!* All that you explore now will help you refine and understand what you stand for and who you are.

I will help you to not be afraid anymore.

I will help you find your voice.

I will help you understand the changes you are going through.

You can do this.

I will help you.

* Curiosities and interests that are dangerous, unhealthy and/or illegal will not be supported, fyi...